EUR2PE: The Responsibility to Protect at the Centre of Europe

Completed Projects

  • International Law, the American Exception and British Foreign Policy After Iraq

    Principal Investigator: Jason Ralph
    Dates: October 2011 - February 2013

    Since the Iraq War Britain’s role in the world has come under intense scrutiny. In a series of research projects, Professor Jason Ralph examined the legal, moral and political arguments that underpinned the UK decision to support the US-led invasion and asks how significant these arguments are today within the coalition government and within Ed Miliband’s Labour Party.

  • Foreign policy attitudes and support for war among the British public

    Principal Investigators: Graeme Davies (Leeds) Rob Johns (Essex)
    Dates: September 2009 - January 2011

    This award funded a combination of survey and experimental work to provide both a detailed mapping of foreign policy attitudes in Britain and a rigorous analysis of the conditions underpinning support for war. A particularly innovative feature of the experimental design is the use of a panel element, enabling us to explore how public support reacts to conflict dynamics, notably changing casualty rates.

  • The State of the 9/11 Exception from Bush to Obama

    Principal Invesigator: Jason Ralph
    Dates: January 2009 - October 2013

    Following 9/11 the Bush administration argued that certain international norms did not apply to US conduct and claimed that the United States was in a state of armed conflict or ‘war’ with ‘a new kind of enemy’.  The purpose of this project was to examine whether this approach outlasted the moment of insecurity that gave rise to it.  More than a decade on from those attacks, and following a change of administration, what influence do these arguments have on American policy?

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